This is a guest post by my daughter, Bella There’s a wonderful feeling you get on holiday that is impossible to experience at any other time. It’s a feeling that can only be matched at Christmas, when schedules and routine are thrown to the wind and the only marker of time is food. Breakfast of […]

Our Journey Back

Sometimes a blog screams at you to be written and this is one of those times….! We stayed in Galathee for two weeks loving the house, the weather for the first week and dealing with the rain for the second!  A new roof is the order of the day and obviously rather an expensive one, but hopefully […]

Halfway Through The Season

I cannot believe that we are half way through our first season at Galathée.  It seems that we have the combination right of old and new, because so far all our guests seem to geniunely love Galathée.  Last April I almost threw the towel in fighting with (extremely) difficult decorators and carpenters.  I fell out of love […]