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My Big Fat Valentine’s Weekend

We did our usual mad 48 hour road trip to St Martin,  Ile de Ré last weekend leaving on Valentines Day. My romantic evening was spent in MacDonalds in Les Herbiers packed with french teenage lovers eating Filet-o-Fish followed by two warm glasses of white wine. How lovely! By the end of all our driving we were absolutely … Continue reading My Big Fat Valentine’s Weekend

Things Coming Together (and holiday rental info!)

We have not been back to St Martin since our last visit on 28th December, but that does not mean work has stopped or we have not been busy!! My job is to paint the brown furniture we brought back with gorgeous Annie Sloan paints – I did a course and I am ready to go! We have … Continue reading Things Coming Together (and holiday rental info!)

Renovations Begin

The artisans have started work and I am slightly apprehensive because in reality, I have recognised I am bit of a control freak and I am not in control, not in France, not a fluent French speaker… Oh my God how will I cope! We have booked our return flights to check progress on Friday 13th December, … Continue reading Renovations Begin