9 special touches to make a French holiday rental feel luxurious

As we near the end of our 3-week stay working (read: cleaning, fixing and organising!) to get Galathée ready for guests, I stop and think about what makes our clients come back time and time again?

Hallway to our luxurious French holiday rental

Here are some of the special touches we include to make our French holiday rental feel as luxurious as possible:

  • The house is cleaned until it sparkles
  • We use soft French linen, new mattresses and anti-allergen pillows and duvets
  • The shower-rooms are white tiled with white grout. The white silicone has recently been redone around the shower trays (I have a hatred of dirty, old silicone!)
  • The cutlery is complete with mugs for tea and coffee, with new wine glasses and white china
  • Our rugs are washed and smell deliciously fresh
  • Cushions are renewed or added to as necessary
  • We’ve just gone through the (painful!) process of upgrading our internet to superfast fibre
  • The lighting is a mix of contemporary and vintage (all the bulbs were checked and replaced on this trip)
  • Every season we repaint areas of wear and tear
  • The garden is my obsession, and I replant, prune, feed and trim so that guests can enjoy the small slice of heaven in the sunshine, surrounded by climbing roses, honeysuckle and Solanum
Living room of our luxurious French holiday rental, Galathee

Galathée is our home and we care for it as it if was our primary home, not just a rental property.

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