Spring in Galatheé, Île de Ré

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to escape the freezing UK. Even the puggies will not walk with frost on the ground and look at me with horror when I suggest such a thing. Stan would much rather snooze at the end of the bed listening to Radio 4 than be outside right now!

I’m also REALLY fed up with the news of our useless prime minister and his endless parties. I want to escape to the magical island of Île de Ré with blue skies and sandy beaches. I want to re-boot and cycle the criss-cross paths across the island perhaps as far as Arse past the salt farms smelling the sweet smell of the Daphne bushes as you brush past on the bicycle.

Recently the weather was so warm that the harbour of St Martin was full of people in t-shirts. And yes, it is possible -even in winter!

They sat drinking beers in the sunshine on the cobblestones soaking up all the vitamin D that we’ve been so lacking. I was so envious I told my friend to stop sending me her photos! Every day she walks her pug, Wilma, past lovely Galathée for a check-up and photoshoot so I can see how the garden is doing. I can’t wait to be there again.

The good news is that I’ve booked our Eurotunnel tickets today and we are off for 3 weeks at the end of March! Île de Ré here we come with our bi-lingual puggies and their French passports to enjoy the spring. As always we have dozens of DIY jobs to do like painting and cleaning, but a change of scenery and the bliss of walking on a windswept beach is a good pay off. That and the occasional glass of wine, too!

The French elections are in April and my French friends say that Macron’s days are numbered, so it will be a welcome change to discuss their politics instead of ours! France has been badly hit with Omnicrom, but the numbers of infections will lessen as they have done in the UK. Macron wants the Brits back to bolster the tourism economy which may give him some credit.

Oh, and back to the bi-lingual puggies…

It was so much cheaper (1/4 of the price!) and easier to get their travel passports in France compared to the UK. The three amigos are able to travel back and forth from the UK to France without any problems. I am thinking when we get there in March we should practice some puggie French!

We still have some summer weeks available to book Galathée so do not leave it too long and keep your eyes peeled for dates of upcoming Galathée Retreats!