Planning A French Retreat: Behind-The-Scenes

In 2019, whilst working for a client in La Flotte, I had the crazy idea of organising a French retreat based around flowers, yoga, and painting – and eating, drinking, and relaxing of course.

Finding the right house was the first challenge. It needed to be located near Galathée (my holiday rental where the guest teachers would be staying) and luxurious enough to make the grade. The Ship Master’s house ticks all of those boxes, located in the perfect spot in Saint Martin harbour.

Ile de re retreat

Next, was securing the guest teachers.

I knew I wanted to bring superstar florist Kate Langdale on board, but first I had to find the flower grower who could supply me with fresh local flowers wholesale so that Kate could host flower cocktail and table arrangement workshops. Fortunately, Mica my gorgeous neighbour stepped in as he had just started working with a flower farm in St Martin.

Florist retreat in ile de re, france

Cynthia, my beautiful Belgian yoga teacher, was immediately on board to teach her amazing yoga classes and give massages (she really is the best!). I then thought about the food and who better than my great mate Victoria who can conjour up the most delicious food with her eyes shut.

Sara, who is in charge of art, decided she would teach in watercolours and paint on paper so clients could roll up their works of art and easily take them home on the plane.

yoga in ile de re, france

We were almost there, but then the consequences of Brexit unfolded, followed swiftly by a global pandemic.  Fast forward to 2022 and we (finally!) have an organised retreat ready to go!

If you’re interested in a week of creative and culinary experiences on the Île de Ré solo, with a friend or partner, or as a group check out the website and send any questions you have to Don’t forget there’s a 15% discount available until the end of this month! Quote the code Galathee15 when enquiring.