Galatheé: The Final Phase!

Great news! Alistair Sawdays has approved our house to go in their French collection. We have taken our first booking for July and a lovely Canadian woman is interested in perhaps a long term let at the end of the year!


The wonderful Darren is going to drive his van over with the last of our belongings and finish the decorator’s job so we can be in business! By the time the house is finished it will be almost exactly a year since we first saw it and wow what a journey we have been on. We have made lovely friends in the Ile de Ré, eaten delicious food, drunk far too much and worked very hard. My second to last visit was with Karen, my very close friend who is more like a sister – who else would work free of charge for almost a week sanding, painting and waxing old brown furniture? She was amazing.


It was a good job it rained for most of the week as we would have been very sad to be stuck inside on beautiful, sunny days. We were both filthy and exhausted at the end of each day but our results were superb! We did Annie Sloane proud. Soon Galatheé will be restored to her beautiful self!


The website is shortly to be released – we just need to get those final gorgeous pictures done and we are in business. Check out this guide to 36 hours in the Ile de Ré.

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