Autumn in the Île de Ré

We are back from our 3-week stay on the magical island of Île de Ré. Every year, we head to France to close Galathee down, put the garden to bed and generally have a good clean up and do some DIY.

Autumn in the Île de Ré
The lovely harbour at Saint Martin de Re

Surprisingly this is not an odious task at all, thanks to lots of lovely dog walks along sandy, windswept beaches (with three puggies in tow) and lots of wine drinking with friends and neighbours.
Not bad, eh?🍷
Only this time around, our arrival back home into the UK was a little different. We left France just before it went into lockdown for the second time, and then started our own 14-day quarantine at home…
… before going into a second lockdown here in the UK! Fortunately, we got to celebrate the brilliant news that Joe Biden is the new President Elect during this time 🙌 Very good news indeed.
Autumn in the Île de Ré
La Rochelle celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month with pink umbrellas

It’s rained every day since we came home and the clocks have gone back so it’s now dark at 5 p.m. Somehow, in all this madness we have to hold onto those memories of happier times and look forward to the “new normal” – whatever that may be.
Île de Ré is an island of sunshine and it’s only had 8 cases of Covid this year, with no deaths. I do not know why. Perhaps it is the outdoor life, smaller population and the fact that masks were being worn much earlier than in the UK, although it seemed as though most of Paris decamped to the island in March. 
Autumn in the Île de Ré
Stan on the beach at sunset

If it’s possible, next year we will be off to the Île de Ré to throw open Galathee’s windows and welcome any guests who want to find some magic on this beautiful island. Lets pray for some good news soon and more travel plans for 2021.