Our Journey Back

image1Sometimes a blog screams at you to be written and this is one of those times….!

We stayed in Galathée for two weeks loving the house, the weather for the first week and dealing with the rain for the second!  A new roof is the order of the day and obviously rather an expensive one, but hopefully work will start at the beginning of November and take 3 weeks. Just in time for winter.

We decided to break our journey back home at Orbec, a small town in the heart of Calavados country.  A very weird place, stuck in time with gorgeous medieval buildings, some empty shops and then very posh shops!  The resident drunk was singing on the corner swigging rose! We stayed with a french version of Mrs Slocombe (Are you Being Served) in an old farm house just in the centre of Orbec.  It was great for dogs as there is a contained garden so they can run free and she positively encourages it.


The room we were first given was very small with a purple theme running through it – the carpet continued onto the walls! There was also a passion displayed for louvered slatted brown stained cupboard doors.  This little en suite was too small for us and 3 dogs so we asked for another room and got the one above: The Japanese Room. How do I describe this? There was bamboo on the walls and ceilings, portraits of Japanese men on the walls and bamboo growing out of the floor – surreal!

The puggies had their own suite below us and us and Fred had the one above. Us humans had to eat so we went to the Italian in the the town.  It had pink/purple artex walls and was laid out rather like an airport lounge.  It was all very horrid 1970s style but the food was good and we were hungry.  We all had a sound night’s sleep ready for the drive back to the UK.  I honestly can’t recommend this mad place as I would not return but for humour and kindness Mrs Slocombe was really the best host possible!