Some thoughts, and an exciting Galathée feature

This time last year I was living and working in St Martin. Like all of us, I could not have imagined for one nano second this terribly frightening situation, which has engulfed us all worldwide. 


I would like to offer my sympathy and love to all those who are ill and have suffered losing loved ones.  Words really don’t do this justice at all, so I shall leave it there and share with you an exciting Galathée feature: a beautiful article which has just been published in “Living France” magazine, aimed at the expat market and those wanting to relocate to France.

👉Read the Living France feature here.👈

It’s about Galathée and the journey it took to find our beautiful house and turn it into a holiday home for hundreds of others to enjoy. Our business has been affected by what’s happening right now, but we hope and pray that our lovely island will be open again soon to welcome back all of the visitors it so desperately needs to survive. 


We are gardening like crazy here in Sussex, building a veggie patch or should I say “potager” much to my husbands dismay… he hates gardening!


My friend is keeping her eye on Galathée’s garden which I have worked so hard to nuture. She pops in to check on it whenever she walks her pug Emma around the block for her one-hour exercise routine.

Thank goodness for friends and thank goodness for our NHS who are working so hard as are all the hospitals around the world. God keep them safe for our future.