A lovely break to Galathée!

Last week I did a quick trip over to Galathée with my friend Karen to check up on the house, do some work and have fun! Unfortunately, to kick things off we had a horrid flight from Southampton. We were scheduled to land at La Rochelle but were diverted to Nantes because of bad weather. Our total travelling time from home was over 11 hours – we could have gone to the Caribbean in that time!
10999007_10153195864048615_1137068950590338755_nOn a more positive note, the garden is looking brilliant, the daffs and narcissi were all in full bloom and the climbers are racing up the wall with the roses. Inside the house we put up some vintage car signs in the office, another hand mirror was added to the collection and we bought home Paul, a Paul Smith limited-edition French Bulldog. I am so in love with Paul, he is so cute and now he is stuck onto a table in the main salon.
11075804_10153195835528615_859732890_nWe went to eat out every night and met up with a lovely client’s boyfriend who owns Le Tout du Cru (a brilliant small fish restuarant sat in the harbour of St Martin). We met Holly who has just started work at Le Bistrot Marin, taking over where her sister left off. Her mum and dad are staying in Galathée later this year.
10401525_10153196506453615_8310437111406161858_nOur neighbours have invited us to a street party in September and we shared champagne with Katherine and her daughter Alex on her birthday. Galathée truly is finished and looking gorgeous. We have fabulous neighbours who are all really friendly and thrilled with the work we have done. They march around the house proudly telling us how it was before and how it is now.
11067511_10153192854618615_735903853230590023_nWe have booked our own two week holiday in September so we can attend our annual street party. Have a look at our latest gallery of pics and be inspired to book!