The First Season

15939_CNT_06Aug12_pr_b_1080x720Well the New Year has arrived and we have already had our first guests! We asked for feedback and were told that we had not supplied an Oyster Knife (!) – not bad if that is the only criticism! We are very excited as lots of bookings are coming in, even someone enquiring for their honeymoon which is very romantic and has made us feel all warm and fuzzy. The house is gorgeous and we love it very much, so it will be fantastic for it to be loved and used by other people.
To be honest, I am quite anxious because of what it entails, but this is a business and we do need to make some money to pay back our renovation costs. But I feel so positive with the level of interest that I’m sure it will be fine. I have booked out my own two weeks so that I do not miss the boat completely and I cannot wait. Back here in the UK we have a new addition to the family, Erroll our gorgeous 16 month black pug. We are all comletely and utterly in love with him and he will come to St Martin with us in September.
So please hop over to the bookings page and see if you would like to come and stay and experience the gorgeous Île de Ré!