My Big Fat Valentine’s Weekend

We did our usual mad 48 hour road trip to St Martin,  Ile de Ré last weekend leaving on Valentines Day. My romantic evening was spent in MacDonalds in Les Herbiers packed with french teenage lovers eating Filet-o-Fish followed by two warm glasses of white wine. How lovely! By the end of all our driving we were absolutely exhausted and could not wait to fall into our Ibis bed! We had driven our very large white van (long wheel base) stuffed full to the brim with our kitchen units, work surfaces, appliances, paint, painted furniture, mattresses, metal bed and light fittings and drove through rain, sleet and hail – it wasn’t pleasant.

We passed a huge amount of flooded farm land and farm houses in order to get to St Martin for our 9.30am meeting on Saturday morning our project managers. I was very nervous: what if the work is awful? What if they have not done what I asked? We met in the Cockatoo bar just around the corner from the house for a strong coffee and then walked to the house.
Oh my God I was thrilled! The building site I had left in December was reforming as this gorgeous, stylish French house. I was speechless. Everything I had asked had been delivered. The walls had been reconfigured and the staircase was back in. The shower room is almost finished being tiled and the roof struts repaired. I could not have been happier.
Mark left with the van to take our hoard to the storage unit in La Rochelle where he accidentally dropped the work surface and shattered the end…it is ok as we have tolerance on the length……Hurrah! A mad chinese lunch and then to choose tiles for the garden area and our hallway. Limestone and gorgeous. I have also chosen the colour for my shutters: a beautiful French green.
No pictures this time, only of Hortense (standard poodle) who decided to give me a kiss!
We then drove back to Le Mans and to another Ibis hotel, ate a whole box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and a bottle of wine and fell very soundly asleep dreaming of this gorgeous French house we just happen to own. The next morning we drove to Calais to get the ferry back to England.