Things Coming Together (and holiday rental info!)

We have not been back to St Martin since our last visit on 28th December, but that does not mean work has stopped or we have not been busy!! My job is to paint the brown furniture we brought back with gorgeous Annie Sloan paints – I did a course and I am ready to go! We have ordered our kitchen from a local kitchen company in Shoreham called Kunique Sussex. The electrical side has been quite tricky as although there is only a slight difference in voltage between the UK and France, the electrician was not happy about fitting UK appliances…it’s all sorted now thank goodness. The reason we bought the kitchen here was price and quality. We have a fantastic kitchen, with composite worktops and a ceramic french style sink for half the price that it would be in France, and it’s better quality.

france france2
Work at the house is progressing very well, the new walls are up in order to reconfigurate the bedrooms and new shower room. The staircase is being fitted (fingers crossed) at the end of the month. The roof – well are you sitting comfortably? the roof is far less expensive than we feared and work will start shortly! I have found myself a cleaner who came with amazing references – wow, how lucky are we?
Our next trip is 14th Feb (Happy Valentine’s Day) and we shall be staying in our Ibis again – oh, the romance. The van is going to be crammed full of furniture, lights, appliances, kitchen, beds and mattresses! We are very excited about this next trip as our house is starting to look like a house again and not a wreck!
So stay in touch and I will be back to let you know how it went and update you with some pictures.
ALSO! Please check out the listing for our house on Owners Direct by clicking here! Please tell family and friends about it so they can enjoy a gorgeous stay in Saint Martin!