Summer in St Martin

I haven’t written a blog for quite a while as life has a habit of getting in the way. Last year was a hard one as both my mum and family dog Fred died, so I decided to take the rest of the year out. I’m thrilled to report that 2017 has been much happier and we have added to the family of pets a new puggy called Percy who we adopted from Shoreham Dogs Trust, and a gypsy kitten called Billy Boy who is the most delicious ginger tom crossed with Maine Coon.
Here in St Martin the neighbours are all on good form, our friend – who also has a fawn pug – is delighted we will be back over with all three of ours to organise a playdate. That means 4 puggies in the park!

Billy, Erroll and Bertha

Guillaume “the boat man” has moved to a brand new shop right next to Bistro Marin and is doing extremely well. He is also hiring electric bikes, which are definitely worth checking out on your next visit. 
Billy and Percy

The house is looking beautiful and my garden is flourishing thanks in part to lovely guests who I ask to help with watering as it gets so hot. Earlier in the year, the lovely Teri came and took some new photographs of the house for our website. WOW they are amazing and
I think she has captured the essence of Galathée very well. My favourite is the one of the light pouring through our bedroom window (as you can see above) it really is the “island of light’.
garden ile de re
Galathée just gets better and better and St Martin itself is a hive of activity. We noticed lots of building work going on and new restaurants opened. We always urge our guests to go out and discover new things and tell us what they find. We love reading the comments in the guest book.
Ile de Re is a very special place and our love affair definitely isn’t over yet!