September at Galathée

View in Saint Martin
The view from Stephanie’s tower

Here we are again – well into our second week staying at Galathée with three pugs in tow. We have done lots of new things this visit including:
  • Riding the waves at Gros Joncs as Bertha, Errol and Percy sat at the shoreline and watched in horror – it was great fun and completely bonkers!  
  • Going on a rosé-fuelled tour around the houses of two new friends (the beautiful view above is from our new friend Stephanie’s tower), ending up at Galathée. 
  • Taking a walk along the beach with five (five!) pugs.
  • Discovering our favourite rosé Minuty is sold in the local off-license. 
  • Going out on a rib, by ourselves, for a spot of sailing.
  • Played  hundreds of games courtesy of Robbie, the entertainment master.
  • Planting two white wisteria outside the house taken from seed pods from home in West Sussex.
  • Eating at the new restaurant Madame Sardine, which is a lovely harbour-side eatery with great service.
pugs on the beach
Three sandy beach pugs

Do I want to leave? No. But unfortunately we have to as more guests are due to stay and we already have 5 weeks booked for next year with returning clients!


Galathée, we love you!