Why everybody should visit Île de Ré

I’ve been in St. Martin, Île de Ré for almost two months now and life is wonderful. I’m always telling friends back home that they should visit Île de Ré, and this is why… 

Beach in Ile de ReI extremely fortunate to live in the centre of St Martin, as each morning I wake to the sound of church bells and bird song…how cool is that! I have been re-painting the shutters and garden room in one of Île de Ré’s shades of green. My garden is blooming  (I am obsessed with my small courtyard and patch outside the front door.) and we have an ancient well, which is covered in Hisbiscus and blooms throughout the summer months. 

Galathée’s front door is one of the most photographed front doors in St. Martin, as it sits on a historic street and has the ancient well just outside.  Often, I leave the house with three puggies in tow to find a crowd of visitors having a history lesson. I am not sure what they make of the three puggies but they always take a photo! 

Ile de Re harbourI have made some great new friends and learnt where to shop and eat. I’ve discovered new secret places to walk the puggies and my favourite shop is ‘Hippy Soul’ in St Martin. I could buy their entire stock! My French is improving and I have teachers everywhere willing to help me. On Tuesday afternoons I have a conversation in English with my friend’s daughter Lily Rose, and she corrects my French.

I have been posting photographs on Instagram, building my following and learning the tricks of the Instagram trade.  Of course I have had lots of visitors who come and go and I feel sad for a few hours, and then delighted I haven’t gone home with them and on my own once more in heaven.

Donkeys in Ile de ReMy lovely husband Mark comes and goes, dipping his toe in and out of Île de Ré life. On Wednesdays, I go to La Couarde to pick up my Farmers Market produce, which you buy online beforehand so no money changes hand, you just arrive and pick up a big box full of local  goodies. Normally, Michele and I go for a walk on the beach with the dogs beforehand. Not your normal shopping experience!

Percy my fawn pug is quite poorly and I was worried about bringing him. Fortunately, the vet here is wonderful, and every week we have an appointment so Percy’s pain relief can be amended as necessary. The vet even texts me! And he doesn’t charge me for every visit.  Yesterday he cut Percy’s toe nails – for nothing! I will miss his extraordinary kindness when we return to the UK.

Ile de ReMy design work for the house in La Flotte is still progressing. I’m now waiting for the artisans to finish so we can do the fun bit of getting the furniture in.

Today it is overcast it rained last night. St. Martin had a lovely shower in spring rain.  
This means everywhere will be lush again..and the sun is due out later.

With love, from Galathée xx