Springtime in Saint Martin de Ré

I am living and working on Île de Ré until the end of May. So far, I have been amazingly lucky with the weather as the sun seems to shine most days and I wake up to the sound of church bells. I’m making new friends and seeing old ones.  I take one photo a day and post it on Instagram, and I’m sharing some with you below.
Living on Saint Martin de Re
The job I’m doing is styling a large new build house in La Flotte for English friends. My three puggies are here with me and to be honest, I was worried that I would not be able to bring them back to the UK with all the nonsense of Brexit but it seems we will all be fine. I wonder if there will even be a Brexit?!
I have discovered a brilliant Farmers Market’ collection point at La Couarde beach. You pick up your produce on a Wednesday evening after buying online. You get given a number for collecting your box of goodies. I have a hairdresser, osteopath, yoga classes, Ayurvedic massage parlour all on my doorstep…it’s heaven.
Life on Saint Martin de Re
Life here is good and I am fortunate to have this amazing experience seeing how to live on Île de Ré. The garden is blooming and I have planted some Cosmos seeds. The wisteria seedpod we took from our home in Sussex is now growing vigorously against the garden room wall, so when I leave to come home the garden is going to look beautiful.  
The shops are almost all open and the tourists are arriving.  Diners are spilling out onto the terraces and lots of smiling faces greet you. You really ought to make the effort to pop across the water!