Is Brexit Stopping You Travelling?

It’s been a while since I metaphorically put pen to paper to write a blog about Galathée, and today we are on the brink of leaving the EU without a deal in place. Parliament is in chaos. Who knows what is going to happen next? I try to understand the many configurations of the deal/no deal/soft border, but we all know our boredom threshold
is low when it comes to the B word. What does seem clear, however, is that Brexit is making people more cautious about travelling.
Despite the uncertainty, Mark and I have made the decision to be brave and go and have an adventure on Île de Ré for a couple of months. We arrive at the beginning of March with three pugs in tow. The reason I say “brave” is because so far this year we have had not one
inquiry for Galathée. I’m guessing that my clients are frightened to commit because of the
Brexit uncertainty. We are part of a La Rochelle Facebook group, and it seems everyone in the hospitality business in France is having the same problem.
The Brits are frightened to travel to Europe. So I am writing this to ask: are you? Are you worried if you leave the UK before March, you won’t be able to return again? Are you waiting until the end of March to make your travel arrangements? It would be really interesting to have your feedback, so please do email me to let me know your thoughts.

One good piece of news is that Virgin has bought Flybe, which should mean more regular planes flying from Southampton to La Rochelle. Perhaps they will even extend the flying season?
Whatever happens over the next few weeks, the planet will keep spinning and the French will still eat frogs legs and oysters, and our beautiful house Galathée will look forward to welcoming all her loved clients, new and old, back again.
Happy New Year.