September Escape to Saint Martin de Ré

We are here again for our annual holiday to Saint Martin de Ré and this time we’re joined by Bells and Robbie, who entertain us hugely with plenty of games and rum cocktails! Today we visited La Rochelle and went on the Ferris wheel much to Robbie’s horror, who spent the entire time stifling a scream (fear of heights) while we enjoyed beautiful views of the ancient harbour. Afterwards, we enjoyed moules frites and oogled the boats, bickering over which one we’d like to buy… dream on!
Life in Saint Martin de Re
In Saint Martin de Ré, life is as busy as ever: we’ve had several visits to the Bistrot Marin which never fails us with service and food; we’ve met up with old friends and dined with our neighbours. The weather this year is particularly hot and watering my garden every night is a ritual I love, as everyone stops to talk to me outside and I repeatedly wish my French was better. One day, I promise.
We have to dash back to the UK for a wedding and will leave our puggies in the trusted hands of Nicholas, who will babysit and dance attendance to them. Bertha in particular loves it here – she insists on walking off the lead and dashes into any open door for a quick peek. 
Antique shopping in Saint Martin de Re
Tonight we are off to Les Colonnes for supper with our friends. The frites are particularly good there, as is the gin fizz…I.thoroughly recommend!
We have hired bikes from Mathilde this year and I am whizzing about on my electric super-powered bicycle – although if you ask Bells and Robbie, they say I am still extremely slow!!

Saint Martin de Re
Saint Martin de Re harbour

We have discovered a new eating venue on the coast, a great caban selling fresh oysters and mussels they farm in the sea directly opposite. (The waiter is particularity good looking as well!!) I have had a pedicure for the forthcoming wedding we’re attending and I can confirm it is without a doubt the best pedicure I have ever had (at the Guinot Salon in the harbour). Well worth a visit.
Until next time, Saint Martin de Ré. 
Karon x